Natureland Apple Cleaning Vinegar 750ml

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  • Easy to use cleaning spray 
  • Clean and disinfect using vinegar solution 
  • No strong smells with the added apple scent 
  • Safe and effective to use on any surface 
  • All natural ingredients, no chemicals or toxins

Everyday cleaning has never been this easy, or come this naturally. Vinegar offers a safe and non-toxic way to effectively clean and disinfect all types of surfaces in the home or frequently used spaces in your environment. It’s both perfectly safe to use in areas that are commonly used by children and pets, it is also a powerful yet eco-friendly way to eliminate dirt, grime and germs, without the risk of using toxins or chemicals. Clean indoors or outdoors, using cleaning vinegar on tables, mirrors, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, fridges, door handles, windows, toys, and some fabrics. Simply generously spraying any surface with the solution and then wiping it clean with a damp cloth or sponge. So effective is the cleaning vinegar that you can also spray it onto a mop head to clean and disinfect floors across the kitchen, lounge and bathroom. Cleaning vinegar can also be used to descale. Simply spray the product liberally onto the affected areas, allow a few minutes to act, and then wipe off. Always be sure to test the product on a small discreet area first, to determine the effectiveness. Follow the directions on the product label, but be sure to avoid using in conjunction with bleach or other products, do not heat the product or use directly on surfaces that may be exposed to heat, and it is not intended as a food-grade ingredient. Leave you surfaces clean and smelling great with this apple-scented cleaning vinegar.

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