Natureland Baby Utensil Cleaner 500ml

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  • Effective yet gentle cleaning for all of baby’s needs
  • Less for mom to worry about with completely natural and non-toxic ingredients
  • Tough on milk, juice and food residues
  • Can be used to clean dummies, toy and other baby accessories 
  • Hypoallergenic and paediatric approved

The Baby Utensil Cleaner gently cleans baby bottles, baby dummies, baby dishes, and washable baby toys. The formula powerfully and reliably removes even stubborn milk, juice and food residues and rinses everything completely. The baby bottle cleaner is perfect for cleaning baby accessories. Can also be used to gently clean your laptop screen, or mobile phone.



  • One squirt of 2 ml into the dishwater is sufficient 
  • For very dirty or heavy milk residues, increase the dosage.



  • Hypoallergenic: No parfum and no colourings or pigments 
  • Concentrated, and works for 250 washes. 
  • It cleans bottles made of PES, Glass and PC 


Please use the the baby bottle Cleaner sparingly 


Successful in dermatological tests.

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  • Categories : All Products, View All, Household Cleaners, Cleaning
  • Net Weight : 500 ml
  • Organic Certified : Yes
  • Ingredients : Water, ethanol, sodium salt of citric acid, lactic acid, glycerine, >=5% <15% nonionic surfactants (saccharoidal surfactants), anionic surfactants (vegetal fatty alcohol sulphates). 100% of the total of the ingredients are from natural origin.
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