Natureland Beef Bone Broth 400ml

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● Beef bone broth is made from pasture-raised cattle, with 100% organic guarantee

● Beef bone broth offers the bold taste of beef in a broth form

● Made with real ingredients including herbs, spices and vegetables

● Beef bone broth can be consumed in between meals to stave off hunger or serve alongside meals, whichever you choose

Made from gently boiling beef bones with herbs, spices and vegetables, the liquid stock is drained off and leaves a hearty broth that’s ready for consumption. Easy to add to your everyday diet, you can enjoy this heart warm liquid with or between meals, or add it to any of your much loved recipes. Each sip is tasty and wholesome. While it is not your typical stock or bouillon, it serves the liquid part of a meaty recipe well. Due to its nutrient-rich profile, beef bone broth also makes a great snack to consume between meals. It is great for hydration and also contains protein to help you to feel full. Made from pasture-raised animals, this beef bone broth is guaranteed to be 100% organic, without any foreign ingredients or preservatives. This pre-made bone broth takes the hassle out of making your own bone broth at home; homemade it can take 20-40 hours, but now you have all of the benefits in under 5 minutes.

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  • Net Weight : 400 g
  • Organic Certified : Yes
  • Ingredients : Water, beef bones* 20%, celery*, carrots*, onions*, leek*, rock salt, garlic*, pepper*, juniper berries*, bay leaves*. *Certified organic
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