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Natureland beet juice is lacto fermented to preserve the juice and provide better nutrition and digestive properties. True to seed beets are combined with biodynamic organic acerola cherry pulp for an easy drinking taste. The juice is only flash pasteurised for 15 seconds for a healthy nutrition filled juice. Beet juice can help boost athletic performance and improve cardiovascular health as experienced by these customers. The reviews are not done on the Natureland beet juice but an beet juice of equivalent quality. Clay – Improved blood pressure I really believe it helped me drop my blood pressure significantly (about -10/-10 points) over the course of a couple months, drinking about 1/4th cup a day. Also I was exercising and cutting back on alcohol, but I think the beets were in there helping too. Martha – cyclist shares about improved performance: I've bought other brands in white plastic bottle and they were terrible compared to this juice. I don't like taste of beets so I mix it with a little cherry juice and take my vitamins with it. It has improved my cycling performance dramatically and I understand it works to lower blood pressure also. John – General improved health I highly recommend this product for overall health and energy! I was feeling very run down and lethargic and I drank just a half of the beet juice with half water and I felt totally revived within minutes. It’s a great source of iron!! This juice is very powerful, you may not have to drink it straight, I suggest mixing it with water or another juice and not on an empty stomach. It really does the trick. Barbara – Marathon athlete says about Beet juice: I am so surprised, I really like this stuff. I bought it because I am training for my first marathon and wanted my muscles to get more oxygen. Surprisingly I like it and even though the taste is a little earthy it is something a little apple or carrot juice can fix.

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  • Net Weight : 750 ml
  • Organic Certified : Yes
  • Ingredients : Beetroot juice**1, acerola cherry pulp**. **Certified biodynamic. 1Lacto fermented
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