Natureland Bundacao 250g

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Natureland Hazelnut Cocoa Spread is sweetened only with Azeez sugar (our whole unrefined cane sugar with it’s molasses never stripped out of it). It contains 45% hazelnuts (count of about 130), no hydrogenated fats, is made with real vanilla, better flavor with half the sugar of the market leader, and all the ingredients are certified organic. Beyond all that, it’s the best tasting chocolate spread you may have ever tried. Ingredients; Hazelnuts*, Whole Cane Sugar*, Palmfat*, Whole Milk Powder*, Low Fat Cocoa Powder*, Ground Vanilla*. * Certified Organic.

  • Sku : 3312101
  • Categories : Jams & Spreads, Nut Creams, View All
  • Net Weight : 250 g
  • Organic Certified : Yes
  • Ingredients : Hazelnuts* 45%, whole cane sugar* ‘Azeez’, crystallized cane sugar* ‘Layla’, non-hydrogenated palm oil*, whole milk powder*, low fat cocoa powder*, bourbon vanilla*. *Organic.
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