Natureland Root Salute Juice 750ml

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Natureland’s Root Salute juice combines beetroot , carrots, celery, potato and radish juice together with acerola pulp according to the formula by Rudolph Breuss. Root Salute juice is rich tasting and full of nutrients. It is ideal for detoxing or as part of a juice fast for treating specific conditions - including cancer. There are many success stories of people around the world who have followed the Breuss therapy protocol and now live cancer free.


Sandy – Breast Cancer and Breuss Juice

'I have breast cancer and did the Breuss fast for the full 42 days. I lost 30 pounds and felt that it was well worth it. You must maintain a low profile for that time and not do anything anymore strenous that walking. I also found that drinking plenty of fluids (lots of sage tea and pure water) really helped with my energy level. Also, I had the onion broth at lunch. I took nothing else but what it said. So far so good with my breast. It has been 4 years for me and I have not had surgery or any chemo or radiation. I also follow a strict vegan diet and positive lifestyle.'


Keith - Lung cancer survivor

'I spent about four months regaining my strength after the surgeries before commencing the Breuss treatment, preparing myself physically and mentally to journey back to good health. We were unable to purchase bottled Breuss vegetable juice so my wife and I did the six week Breuss treatment together by juicing organic vegetables according to Rudolf Breuss’ recipe. Other than this I used no other form of therapy or medication except some natural Chinese medicine. Ten years later as I turn 76 years old, I am cancer free, still strong and healthy.'

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  • Net Weight : 750 ml
  • Organic Certified : Yes
  • Ingredients : Beetroot juice**¹, carrot juice**¹, celery juice**¹, potato juice**¹, radish juice**¹, acerola pulp*. *Certified organic, **certified biodynamic, ¹lacto fermented
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