Natureland Vegetable Broth 125g

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This product can be used in any recipe calling for beef, poultry, or vegetable broth. It enhaces the flavor greatly. This product contains yeast extract which concentrates the naturally occurring glutamates from the yeast. This greatly enhances the flavor of the product. It is an ingredient that satisfies organic requirements. Yeast extract is not exactly a whole product. We are working on formulating an alternative product that could contain whole yeast instead of yeast extract. So far the taste has not been as good as that of this product, and most likely we will offer both products to suit both demands. This explanation is part of Naturelands commitment to transparency and strive for the best products always. Usage: Add 1½ tablespoons per liter (quart) of water. That’s about 1.25 teaspoons per cup.

This product is gluten free as per recipe, but may contain traces.

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