Benefits of Sourdough

Taking care of your gut is everything— and you don’t need to rely only on probiotic supplements, kimchi, or yogurt to get the job done!


For thousands of years sourdough bread has been a source of healthy bacteria in the human diet, including lactic acid bacteria (from the Lactobacillus species) also found in lots of fermented dairy products.


Unlike other probiotic foods, you don’t experience the probiotic healthy gut benefits of sourdough *as you eat it.* It all happens in the creation of the sourdough starter and the dough itself: a combination of yeast and beneficial microbes respirates and digests the whole grains and other constituents in the sourdough, unlocking nutrients and making all ingredients more bioavailable and easily absorbed into your intestines.


Heat during the baking process kills off the probiotics but they have done some great work for you! Vitamins and minerals (like iron, calcium, and magnesium) are more easily absorbed. The reactive protein in wheat (gluten) that can cause inflammation in the body is considerably broken down and rendered less harmful - making sourdough breads a possible option for the non-celiac, but gluten intolerant in low amounts (talk to your doctor first).


Thanks to the starter fermentation too, our sourdough breads last you a lot longer on the shelf and are much more stable.


Be sure to try our health-forward, gut-friendly, and nutritious whole grain breads that are each made with sourdough: Pumpernickel, Protein, Rye, Sunflower, and Spelt! All grains, seeds, and other strictly plant-based ingredients are certified organic, and locally sourced, close to the facility they are produced.