Brochure - Organic Juices

Natureland Juice offers you 100% naturally pure fruit and vegetable juices - real taste, real goodness.

What’s in our juice?

•             Pure, natural organic juice

•             Pure, natural vitamins, colors and flavors

•             Pure, healthy goodness


What’s not in our juice?

•             No additives, colors or flavors

•             No synthetic vitamins

•             No added sweeteners

•             No pesticides

•             No GMO


What makes Natureland juice so pure?

All our juices are certified organic and many of them are grown according to Biodynamic principles. You will recognize the Demeter logo on our products that are certified biodynamic. This means that the entire process from seed selection, soil health, growing conditions, fertilizer use and pest control through to bottling, storage and transport follows the highest standards for purity.

We do not use concentrates but only pure juice. Our juice is direct pressed from only truly ripe produce. It is then heat-treated (flash pasteurized) once or twice only at the minimum temperature and for no more than 15 seconds and immediately bottled. This preserves the healthy cell structure of the juice as much as possible and yet kills any harmful bacteria.


What’s the difference between Natureland and other (even organic) juices?

Inferior juices are made from concentrates that undergo repeat high-temperature pasteurization treatments, which destroy the health-giving benefits of natural juice. The resulting juice requires so called “natural” or artificial aromas, flavors, or vitamins such as synthetic vitamin C (frequently a GMO ingredient) to be added.

Cheaper juices are made with centrifugal juicers that allow air into the juice. This can cause the juice to rapidly discolor.

Some companies produce organic juices from concentrate then reconstitute the juice with chlorinated or fluoridated water—we don’t use concentrates so we don’t need to add water or anything extra.. Natureland juices are gently squeezed from ripe organic fruits and vegetables. No goodness is taken out and nothing is added. We don’t use concentrates so we don’t even need to add water. Natureland juice is pure organic juice just as our Creator made it.


The benefits of drinking Natureland juice

Science is increasingly recognizing the benefits of a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, not only as a rich source of key vitamins; A, B, C, and E as well as manganese, iron, sodium, copper, zinc, calcium, selenium, potassium, and magnesiumbut also as a source of disease inhibiting anti-oxidants and carotenoids.

Juices can play a particularly important role in the diets of those who are ill because the digestive system is better able to absorb the nutrients in juices. There is a mounting body of research demonstrating the benefit of juices in alleviating joint and digestive problems, and fighting cancer. Natureland juices provide the perfect way to obtain the nutrition you need in sickness and in health.


Types of juice offered by Natureland

•             Fruit juices such as apple, orange, pear, and mango

•             Vegetable juices such as beetroot, carrot, and sauerkraut. Many of our vegetable juices are lactic fermented. This predigests the sugars in the juice, naturally preserves it, and makes the juice less sugary and easier to digest.

•             Super Juices such as cranberry, blueberry, and acerola.

You can also use Natureland green stevia to sweeten a sour juice such as the blue berry juice. This adds sweetness without additional sugars.


Natureland’s Vision

We believe that fruit and vegetable juices can play a vital role in a healthy diet and we want to make sure that you get the very best that nature has to offer.

When you drink our juices you know that you are getting the very best because we constantly monitor our processes to ensure our products contain pure juice and nothing else.

Juices do lack some important fibers and enzymes and for this reason it is important to balance your juice intake with other food types.

Natureland Juices - Direct juice, and nothing but the juice.