Natureland’s Organic Muesli supports a healthy, nutritious meal your family will love.  Our top selections of whole, pure ingredients are all organic, and all natural - giving you a healthy meal with a stunning taste.


What is Muesli?

Muesli features a blend of grains as flakes, seeds, and nuts.  Dried fruits or other mueslies, like chocolate and strawberry, sweeten up some of our select Muesli mixes—an option that kids and sweet-lovers enjoy.


What sets our Muesli apart from other brands? 

Whole, natural, and organic ingredients make it the most essential, nutritious Muesli choice for all walks of life.


Natureland Organic Muesli’s Many Benefits:

  • Excellent meal for weight loss, dieting and fasting.
  • Wonderful breakfast and brain fuel for kids, at school or at home.
  • Ideal food for the energy and nutrition athlete’s require.
  • Great option for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Gluten-Free diets.
  • Very supportive for digestive illnesses like Colitis or Crohn’s.
  • May help prevent heart disease and lower cholesterol.


Enjoy our Muesli:

  • With milk , yogurt for probiotics.
  • Natureland’s fruit juices.
  • Milk alternatives like Soy, Almond, or Coconut milk


In Natureland’s Organic Muesli blends, you’ll find:

  • Organic grain flakes:Oat, wheat, rye and barley.
  • Organic nuts and seeds: almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and more.
  • Organic dried fruits like apples, apricots, raisins, or currants.
  • Extra additions to select blends – such as chocolate and strawberry.


Why to choose Natureland Organic Muesli:

  • No additives, preservatives, food dyes, synthetic vitamins, or artificial flavors
  • No added sugar – only natural sugars retained
  • Non-GMO, pesticide and herbicide free, Certified Organic ingredients
  • Certified Gluten-Free ingredients in select Gluten-Free blends, for those with dietary restrictions



Health Benefits





Complex Carbs

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Prevent heart disease
  • Support natural weight loss
  • Regulate digestion

Dried Fruits

Vitamins and Antioxidants

  • Meets health and immune system needs

Nuts and Seeds

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Enhance brain health

With Milk, Yogurt, Kefir


  • Strong bones for growing children
  • Prevents osteoporosis

Cultured dairy


  • Regulate digestion

All ingredients

Vitamins, Minerals, and Protein

  • To maintain health

We stand strongly by our Organic certification and non-GMO principles.  They ensure not only that each ingredient is pesticide and chemical free—but guarantee that your Muesli is full of complete nutrition, a treasure in our foods taken away by unnatural genetics and chemically-grown crops.


Natureland’s Organic Muesli blends are much higher in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients than other brands - and far superior to the high sugar, processed ingredients of other mainstream cereals.


What to Eat with your Muesli

On its very own, Natureland’s Organic Muesli is part of a low-fat, low-sugar diet.  You can also add your own extras at home, giving a healthy boost to your breakfast or snack-time routine!

Adding milk or yogurt is the most popular way to enjoy Muesli, much like cereal or cornflakes.  We highly recommend you choose an organic, hormone- and antibiotic-free dairy or milk alternative for the very best health from our Muesli blends.

Vegetarians and Vegans can savor Natureland’s Organic Muesli with Soy, Almond, or Coconut milk, and still feel its health benefits.  Organic honey, green stevia, or fresh fruit (like chopped bananas) can satisfy any sweet craving - or you can mix Muesli with one of its traditional favorites: fruit juice, like lemon or orange.


Muesli for Children

Children have many nutritional needs for growth and energy.  Still, it’s hard to settle food both you and your kids will be happy with!

Natureland’s Organic Muesli is the perfect fit for both a parent’s health concerns, and a child’s rambunctious appetite.  Try some of our proprietary blends that include chocolate and strawberry  granola, or a bit more dried fruit for flavor and the sweetness kids love.  Sugars found in these blends are still all-natural, and don’t interfere with Muesli’s reputation as a nutritious whole food.

Is your kid still not convinced?  Serve a bowl of our Muesli mixed with yogurt, or natural honey, or stevia.


Fasting & Weight Loss

Whole grains, seeds, and nuts are excellent complex carbohydrate sources.  These are macronutrients our bodies need for long-sustained energy—much more favorable compared to simple carbs, like sugar or processed grain products. 

Whole, organic grains are digested much slower, making our bodies feel full and content much longer.  Combined with its Fiber and Protein content, our Muesli’s complex carbs can satisfy hunger longer, making it ideal for weight loss regimens.  It could even have a special place in fasting rituals, for the very same reasons.

Suhoor, the last meal taken right before dawn of the Muslim fast for Ramadan, is an excellent opportunity to choose our Organic Muesli.  It keeps you fuller longer as a slow-burning fuel, and reduces the feeling of hunger during the day.