The perfect energy pack

“People who eat a handful of nuts each day live longer than those who don’t”—so say the scientists behind a 30 year long study, the largest of its kind, published by the New England Journal of Medicine. The researchers identified a direct link between nut eating and a 29% reduction of deaths from heart disease and 11% reduction in cancer mortality. And nut fans tend to be slimmer too.

But not everyone likes dealing with the tough nut shells or the crunchy texture. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just spread all the goodness of nuts onto your bread or crackers or to use as a dressing for a salad?

Well now, with Natureland’s extensive range of organic nut butters, you can enjoy all the goodness of pure organic nuts in a convenient easy to spread form.


Natureland organic nut butters

Natureland has established a long tradition of bringing you only the finest organic products. Our nut butters are no exception. For twenty years we have been creating smooth, creamy organic nut butters with no added ingredients—just a perfect health parcel of 100% nut goodness.


Our nut butters are superior because:

                We use entirely organic nuts—no additives, artificial colors, preservatives or flavors, and no added sugars

                Natureland nuts do not contain hydrogenated fats, whey powder or other imposter ingredients

                We offer our nut butters in convenient sized glass jars (not plastic) because, according to “Healing with Whole Foods”, the oil content may react with plastic to produce harmful compounds.


Our range of butters includes:

                Almond - a rich source of vitamin E, copper, magnesium, and protein (just one handful of almonds equals one eighth of our daily protein requirements). Almonds are believed to increase alkalinity of the blood; particularly important for those with inflammatory diseases.

                Hazelnut - contain particularly high quantities of the antioxidants; vitamin E and manganese. Hazelnuts are also rich in oleic acid - the same omega 9 fatty acid that makes olive oil so beneficial.

                Hazelnut Chocolate - This is a sweet favorite with the children. This is much healthier alternative to other chocolate spreads, as it contains the goodness of organic hazelnuts (45%) and half the sugar content of other conventional chocolate spreads. The sugars used here are azeez and layla, which are less refined and more wholesome than refined sugar. This is the only product in our nut spread range that does include palm fat.

                Cashew - elevated levels of iron, magnesium, and oleic acid all contribute to the wonderful health benefits of this fine nut.

                Peanut - not strictly speaking a nut but it still provides a plentiful source of vitamin E, anti-oxidants, and omega 3’s.

                Sesame - (Tahini) we use unhulled sesame seeds so that vital fiber and minerals are retained - this helps with digestion. Sesame seeds contain good quantities of the vitamin B complex, calcium, iron, and selenium.


How do you use nut butters?

Natureland nut butters are simply the pure goodness of organic nuts in a more convenient spreadable paste. You can use nuts butters to:

                Spread on crackers or bread or as an instant dip sure to please the fussiest eater

                Use as a rich stock for soups or flavoring for meals

                Add as a delicious, healthy dressing for salads

                Include when you want to bake some healthy treats such as nut cookies or for more decadent desserts too

                Create healthy alternatives to cow’s milk. Almonds are particularly popular choices for those who are dairy and lactose intolerant

In fact, the tasty ways you can use nut butters are limited only by your imagination.


Aren’t nuts bad for you?

Nuts are full of important vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, antioxidants, and poly-unsaturated fats.

Aren’t nuts bad for your cholesterol?  In fact, numerous studies have shown nut consumption can have a marked benefit for heart health.

Don’t nuts encourage weight gain?  No, a number of studies suggest the opposite is true 1.

Don’t nuts cause allergies?  An allergic reaction to nuts may occur in a small number of people especially children. These reactions may range from very mild to severe but in around 20-26% of cases the children will eventually outgrow the allergy. As with trying any new food it pays to be vigilant.

Isn’t aflatoxin a problem in nuts? This potentially harmful mold can occur under poor growing conditions or in nuts that have been stored in damp situations. Natureland uses only premium organic nuts completely free of aflatoxin.

Be wary of some producers who claim to use organic ingredients but who add items such as non-organic whey powder, palm oil or hydrogenated fats. Like all highly processed foods such inferior nut butters may have negative health effects.

It pays to seek out a trusted brand such as Natureland where you know that our organic certification and our use of the whole nut and nothing but the nut guarantees you the finest quality nut butters.