Natureland brings you nature's purest produce from the lush-green paddy fields around the world. All eight varieties of Natureland Rice are organically grown and exclusively selected for the Middle Eastern consumer. These are wholegrain, unmilled rice, which means that only the outer husk is removed from the grain, and the bran sheathing and germ are intact. This makes wholegrain rice an excellent source of nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, manganese, and fiber.

Rice bran oil contains rich antioxidants and is recommended by The American Heart Association and The World Health Organization for lowering serum cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that rice bran helps increase blood circulation, reduce cancer risk, improve eyesight and memory, beautify skin and hair, and slow down aging. It is a rich source of tocotrienols , which is an antioxidant 6000 times stronger than vitamin E. By comparison, white rice loses 26% to 83% of its nutrients during milling.


Indian Long Grain Brown Basmati Rice           

Relish the aroma of Indian Long Grain Brown Basmati Rice, grown organically in the fertile Himalayan plains. With their long kernel and distinct popcorn-like fragrance, Brown Basmati Rice are high in amylase, which makes them wholesome, firm and delicious when cooked. Natureland's Brown Basmati has its natural bran sheathing intact, so it's a lot healthier compared to polished, white Basmati. The luxurious grain size and excellent texture make Basmati Rice an all time favorite for Biryani , Tahdig, and most Arabian rice dishes.


Italian Short Grain Rice

Premium produce from the emerald rice farms spread across the Po Valley, Italy, our Short Grain unmilled rice is as nutritious as it is delectable. When cooked, it emanates a mouthwatering aroma while its rounded grains turn firm, creamy, and chewy due to their higher amylopectin starch content. This makes Natureland's Italian Short Grain Rice a global favorite for cooking risotto. Its starchy taste blends well with other flavours, making it an excellent base for rice pudding, stuffed grape leaves, and many other popular culinary delights.


Jasmine Brown Rice

Healthy and nutritious, Jasmine Brown Rice is very nice rice, with a fresh aroma and a flavor to go with Arabian and Gulf cuisines. The grains are plump and rarely split when cooked, forming a delectable bed for curries, stir-fried veggies, seafood, or grilled lamb . Jasmine Rice and chicken soup is a fragrant, frothy beverage that gives you your daily dose of healthy nutrition and anti-aging elements. It is low-carb rice with a dash of iron and fiber. And, oh, did we tell you it's organic, unmilled rice wrapped in the wholesome goodness of bran?


Jasmine Red Rice

Food from haven, Jasmine Red Rice is an heirloom rice variety with long, rosy grains, which make it a wonderful choice for presentation cooking. Its wild aroma gives away the secret why Jasmine Rice was named after the fragrant flower after all, and its complex nutty flavor complements chicken dishes perfectly. The thin layer of red bran coating this rice is a rich source of thiamin (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), fiber, iron, and calcium. Famous chefs around the world use Red Jasmine Rice to add variety, color and style to their cooking.


Jasmine Sprouted Brown Rice

Just like Jasmine Brown Rice, the Jasmine Sprouted Brown Rice also comes from the heart of the rice territory in Thailand. Equally terrific in cooking and taste, this rice has the added health benefits of the sprout. There are several studies demonstrating that sprouted Brown Rice helps control blood sugar level, reduces cardiovascular disease risk, and improves psychological health in nursing mothers. Just toss in some veggies or stir-fried meat to relish the floral fragrance and nutty flavor of this amazingly healthful and nutritious rice.


Riceberry Rice

The exotic, deep-purple Riceberry Rice is a new breed of Thai rice exceptionally rich in antioxidants. The concentrations of beta carotene, Gamma-Orion Oryzanol, vitamin E, Tannins, Zinc, and Folate present in this hybrid rice variety are 100 time more than the antioxidants levels found in various fruit drinks and green tea. It's a natural remedy for slowing down aging; boosting immunity; reducing weight; and preventing diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. The choice of nutritionists and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts around the world, Riceberry also makes your skin and hair beautiful.


Jasmine Black Rice

Known as 'forbidden rice' due to its mystic ebony tinge, Jasmine Black Rice is the richest in disease fighting antioxidants. It contains 8.5% protein and 4.9% fiber, which is much higher than Red Rice (7% and 2%) or Brown Rice (7.9% and 2.8%). The blackish color is an indicator of this rice's high antioxidant levels, which put it in the same league as blueberries or raspberries. Studies show that Black Rice has the highest concentration of anthocryanin, which has amazing therapeutic qualities for fighting cardiovascular diseases and cancer.



Rice Mixture with Wild Rice

This wonderful rice blend is much appreciated due to its delicious nutty taste and easy preparation. Just take one cup of the rice mixture. Wash, and soak for 15 minutes. Then leave in strainer for 30 minutes. Put in a pot with 1-teaspoon salt and a Natureland unsalted vegetable broth cube. Add 2 ¼ cups water (at room temperature) and boil on low heat and medium sized burner. When the boiling begins and the rice is dry, cover the pot with a lid. Place a flame tamer below the pot and leave the rice until done. The blend goes perfectly with meat, fish or veggies.