General Juice Fasting Program

Fasting – Purifying your Body and Mind


Fasting with Natureland juices is neither hunger nor deficiency. Fasting simply is about taking a break from heavy solid foods and giving your body an opportunity for rest, purification, rebuilding and recovery.


So, fasting is an opportunity to allow your body to restore its natural balance by allowing it rest. As you fast, your body will change its metabolic state to revert to 'inner supplies' within the first days and will draw energy and heat from within.


Grant yourself a time of relaxation. You will feel your mind to calm down as well, relieving stress and negative feelings.


The juices provide you essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals in an easy to digest liquid form. This allows your body to still rest. The metabolic change tends to be more gentle and makes juice fasting a good choice for a first time experience.


Fasting - The correct preparations


- When fasting, chose a week where you can focus on the fast without events or activities which might interfere with your rhythm and relaxation.


- It might be easier for you to fast in a group where you can support one another. Maybe you can convince a friend or family member. Or you can join one of the Natureland fasting groups in Whatsapp where you can exchange experiences and keep motivated.


- During your fast, plan to go outside and get some fresh air every day! Go for a walk, take a ride on your bicycle or do some kind of activity daily.


- It is a good idea to get organised and complete nagging admin tasks before you start your fast. That way you can focus on the fast and grant yourself a few days off.


- It is also helpful to stock up all the Natureland juices, water and the teas you would like to drink beforehand.


In case of an illness, it is recommended to first consult with a doctor if you intend to continue the fast.


The Course Schedule

Release - fasting - rebuilding


If you are fasting for the first time, you should not strive for a longer period than 5 fasting days. This would sum up to a total course of 8 days:


1 day for release.

5 days of fasting.

2 rebuilding days.


The Release Day


This is a preparation day to get your body in the right mindset for the fast, start to reduce stress, and focus on inner wellness. Eat simply and less than normal, to dehydrate your body and get it ready for the following fasting days. It is also time to say farewell to cigarettes, coffee and sugars.


Plan for the Release Day:



Drink 1 glass of Natureland Sauerkraut Juice, together with a small bowl of organic whole grain muesli and fresh fruits.



Fresh raw vegetables, some millet mash with almond milk, and a handful of raisins as dessert.



Fruit salad with flax seeds, and 1 crisp bread with some fresh tomato and cucumber.


Remember to drink plenty of liquids throughout the day: At least 1.5 to 2 liters of water, herbal or fruit teas.


The Fasting Days



During the fast, drink a total of 1 bottle of Natureland's vegetable juices daily. Spread this out over 4 or 5 meals, drinking slowly by taking small sips. It is best to dilute the juices with a little water. In addition to the juices, it’s recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water, herbal teas or fruit teas daily.


If in the first few days you feel hungry, drinking a glass of water can help you feel full again. If you feel cold, you might want to warm your drinks up slightly. This can happen as your body will be missing its normal energy intake in the first days and will take some time to adjust.


On the first day of fasting, colon cleansing is important to help your body detox. Drink 1 cup (200 ml) of Natureland's Sauerkraut Juice to help the cleansing. If you have a tendency for constipation, drink some epsom salts diluted in water. Repeat this colon cleansing technique every second day, throughout the fasting period.


During the fast allow yourself time to be quiet and relax, especially in the first days. This will help give your body time to adapt to fasting.


Breaking the Fast


Congratulations, you have completed your fast! But remember to give your body some time to adjust back to a normal metabolism. As you start to eat solid food again, enjoy every bite with consciousness and chew thoroughly. This will give your body a chance to slowly produce the necessary gastric juices. You might notice that food has a more intense taste after fasting for several days.


First Build-up Day:


Morning: A ripe apple

Midday: A portion of warm, freshly cooked vegetable soup without or a small amount of salt.

Evening: Vegetable soup, with crisp bread, millet mash and some flax seeds.


Second Build-up Day:


Morning: A small bowl of muesli with fruit juice and one ripe apple.

Midday: Cooked potatoes with herbs and fresh raw vegetables.

Evening: Fresh raw vegetables and fruits, crisp bread with tomatoes, cucumber and flax seeds.

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