Our brand new range of healthy meat products, now available

Many convenience meats such as wiener hotdogs, jerky and deli slices come to mind as junk food. Highly processed, packaged, full of preservatives and ingredients that are difficult to pronounce or completely unrecognisable - many health conscious families stay away from those meat products for good reason.


But things have changed. Many farmers and other health conscious meat processors have made a commitment to providing clean and organic versions of these yummy meaty treats, and transformed them into preservative-free, healthy options that even the strictest label-checker can enjoy.


And now they’re available to you:


We are happy to introduce our range of wholesome meat products that is guaranteed to be organic, preservative and harmful-ingredient free. Our meat range includes wieners (more commonly known as hot dogs), deli slices, jerky, sausages, ground meats, salami and more. They are coming in a variety of lamb, chicken, beef or turkey products. We even have chicken and beef bone broth on the menu! And of course all meats are slaughtered by muslims, as per islamic rules.


Why is organic, minimally processed meat better for you and your family?


Because at the family-run farms where we source our products it is not only about the meaty end products. In the grassy hills in Germany where the farms are located, they place great importance on the cattle, sheep and chickens being taken care of as best as possible. The farmers value sustainability and care for the environment while they go about their day-to-day processes. All of the animals are free to roam across the rolling grassy hills of the farm, and when time comes for the production to begin, the animal is slaughtered in the most gentle and humane way possible, away from any of the other animals and following islamic mandatory rules for halal products. We believe it is the happiest of animals that produces the best meat.


We can also guarantee that the meat derived from these animals is entirely organic. Not only are they allowed to roam the farm in all weather conditions across all seasons, they are also fed high quality, natural food that is not derived from GMO processes and does not contain any antibiotics or harmful ingredients. The guidelines for organic produce in Germany are known to be strict, and all processes on the farm follow the required standard to ensure certification is maintained. We are therefore confident to guarantee the quality of our products to be on the highest of levels. Additionally, supervision of all of the processes is performed by Muslims, which ensures that all of the Islamic rites are adhered to and each product is guaranteed halal. 


Additionally, the processing of the meats into the final products is done with minimal ingredients, ensuring that the end product is as clean and as natural as possible. There are no flavor enhancers, preservatives, sugar, nitrites or other chemicals hiding in these foods. This is true for even those products such as the wieners, jerky and deli slices that for other brands are well-known junk foods.