How Azeez Sugar is made


Natureland Azeez sugar is made from organically grown cane sugar. Once harvested, the juice is cold pressed from the sugar cane and collected. The juice is then warmed over a very slow and low heat so that the liquid evaporates, but that the nutrients are retained. Once the liquid is evaporated, the mixture is ground into granules that look similar to brown sugar.


Origins of Azeez Sugar


Azeez sugar is a Natureland trademark name. However the practice of creating sugar from sugar cane juice originated in South America. The way Azeez sugar is made follows age old traditional methods of creating nutrient rich sugar from sugar cane, instead of highly refining processes.


Why Azeez Sugar is a healthier alternative?


The primary difference between white or brown sugar and Azeez sugar is in the nutrient content. Most of the minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium found in cane sugar are in the molasses component of the sugar. In commercial processing, the molasses is separated out and the sugar is processed through heating or spinning which destroys any nutrients that may remain. A nutritional analysis of white or brown sugar shows that it contains nothing more than pure sucrose. By comparison, Azeez sugar retains the natural goodness of the sugar cane including important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphate, sodium, zinc and potassium.  


Azeez sugar as a substitute


Azeez sugar can be used as a substitute for brown or white sugar. It has a delicious caramel flavor that makes Azeez sugar a very tasty sugar to use in baking, cooking and other applications. It’s not just adding sweetness but a natural texture to your foods.


How to store Azeez Sugar:


Azeez sugar comes in granules and should be kept away from moisture so that it does not get sticky or clumpy. A glass container with a tight fitting lid is ideal as it will keep the moisture out. If sealed properly, it has a long shelf life.


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