At Natureland we believe our Creator has created for us all that we need in order to live a healthy life. This includes natural, healthy and safe ways to keep our homes clean and hygienic.

For thousands of years, civilizations sources plants and naturally occurring chemicals to create homemade soaps and cleaners. It is only in last few decades that industry has sought out chemical alternatives. We are sold on how these chemicals are so much more effective at killing germs and bacteria, but no-one tells us of the possible side effects of being exposed to these harsh household cleaning chemicals.

There is increasing evidence that chemicals in household cleaners greatly add to the toxic load we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Therefore, Natureland has developed a range of cleaning products that contain up to 91% organic ingredients. Natureland’s Nataura cleaning range is Soil Association certified with 70-89% organic ingredients, cruelty free, vegan and allergy friendly. There is even an unscented range for people who are sensitive to fragrances.

Laundry Liquid
Nataura laundry liquid is available in a 500ml bottle and using 2 capfuls per wash you can do at least 17 loads of laundry. It is available in lavender fragrance or unscented and contains 79% organic ingredients. Use in automatic washing machines combined with the Nataura fabric softener.

Fabric Softener
Nataura fabric softener will leave your laundry wonderfully fresh and soft and is available in three different fragrances: Lavender, mint, and unscented. It contains 89% organic ingredients and is available in a 400ml bottle. You can use the fabric softener on normal as well as delicate fabrics and using 2 caps per wash you can get 13 washes from one container.

Dish Liquid
Choose from citrus or unscented Nataura dish liquid to keep your dishes sparkling clean. Just one squirt is sufficient to wash a whole sink full of dishes. Nataura dish liquid is made from 72% organic ingredients and is available in a 400ml bottle.  

Toilet Cleaner
Nataura toilet cleaner is effective in keeping your toilet clean and hygienic. It contains 81% organic ingredients and is available in either citrus or mint fragrance. The concentrate is available in 500ml and is an allergy friendly product.

Multi-surface Cleaner
The Nataura multi-surface cleaner can be used to effectively clean most surfaces in the home including the kitchen and bathroom as well as other hardwood or sealed surfaces. It is available in five different fragrances namely; mint, citrus, herb, lavender, and unscented. The multi-surface cleaner contains 81% organic ingredients and is available in a 500ml container.

Floor Cleaner
Clean your floors with Nataura floor cleaner containing 81% organic ingredients. The floor cleaner is suitable to use on tiles and any other type of sealed surface. Just a small amount in bucket of warm water can be used to mop and clean a large floor area. The floor cleaner is available in a 400ml bottle in citrus or herb fragrance as well as unscented.

Furniture Polish
Polish your furniture using 85% organic ingredients with Nataura furniture polish. Spray the surface area and then buff with a soft cloth for a shiny surface. Nataura furniture polish is available in citrus or lavender fragrance.

Natureland’s Nataura cleaning range is designed for effective cleaning in the home using organic ingredients so that you and your family are not exposed to harmful chemicals. It is possible to have a home that is hygienic and clean without having to use harsh chemicals. Try the Nataura range today for an organically clean home.

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