Real life stories of health benefits from juices

There are many claims of the benefits of drinking juices ranging from improved sporting performance, to detoxing or even curing chronic health conditions. Are these stories for real? We scoured forums for people sharing their personal stories and the benefits of drinking juice.

Beetroot Juice

Reported to improve athletic ability, improve blood pressure and general health. This is what some people had to say about their experience of drinking beetroot juice:

Jamie - Endurance athlete says: 
After reading some literature on the potential effect of the nitrates in Beet juice in delaying fatigue and boosting endurance performance, I decided to give juicing my own beets a try. After flinging tiny red blobs all over my kitchen and staining my blender and a plastic cup bright red I decided my career in juicing my own beets would be short lived.Enter Beet root juice. During my racing season I drink a few ounces of beet juice mixed with ginger ale and apple juice for taste. I have no idea if the effect is entirely placebo, but I found recovery speedier and myself to be faster. So, either way. Beet juice.
Overall I found this beet root juice to be the best way to deliver beety goodness into my food hole with the minimum mess and effort possible.

Barbara – Marathon athlete says about Beet juice:
I am so surprised, I really like this stuff. I bought it because I am training for my first marathon and wanted my muscles to get more oxygen. Surprisingly I like it and even though the taste is a little earthy it is something a little apple or carrot juice can fix.

Martha – cyclist shares about improved performance:
I've bought other brands in white plastic bottle and they were terrible compared to this juice. I don't like taste of beets so I mix it with a little cherry juice and take my vitamins with it. It has improved my cycling performance dramatically and I understand it works to lower blood pressure also.

Marie – says about drinking beet juice for health:
I have been drinking Beet Root juice for at least 4 decades now. It's always been an excellent Juice. It's has helped me overcome a lot of health issues. I have recommended it to lots of my friends. I swear by it.

John – General improved health
I highly recommend this product for overall health and energy! I was feeling very run down and lethargic and I drank just a half of the beet juice with half water and I felt totally revived within minutes. Its a great source of iron!! This juice is very powerful, you may not have to drink it straight, I suggest mixing it with water or another juice and not on an empty stomach. It really does the trick.

Clay – Improved blood pressure
But I really believe it helped me drop my blood pressure significantly (about -10/-10 points) over the course of a couple months, drinking about 1/4th cup a day. Also I was exercising and cutting back on alcohol, but I think the beets were in there helping too.

Root Salute Juice – based on the recipe for Breuss Juice
The Breuss Cancer Cure is a strict diet protocol that involves drinking daily quantities of organic vegetable juices as part of the program. This is what some followers have to say:

Sandy – Breast Cancer and Breuss Juice
I have breast cancer and did the Breuss fast for the full 42 days. I lost 30 pounds and felt that it was well worth it. You must maintain a low profile for that time and not do anything anymore strenous that walking. I also found that drinking plenty of fluids (lots of sage tea and pure water) really helped with my energy level. Also, I had the onion broth at lunch. I took nothing else but what it said. So far so good with my breast. It has been 4 years for me and I have not had surgery or any chemo or radiation. I also follow a strict vegan diet and positive lifestyle. I pursue reflexology, accupuncture (to clean the liver as cancer is said to be a disease of the liver) and exercise to keep the lymph system moving. There is also lots of information on the internet to battle prostate cancer. It is especially important to make your body as alkaline as possible. A good naturopath can guide you and maintain a positive outlook. The body usually follows where the mind leads if you know what I mean. Take epsom salt baths and try Castor Oil packs on your abdomen. (Read Dr. Cayce's book or look it up on the internet).Also the epsom salt baths draw out toxins as well. I also drink Essiac tea (home brewed or you can buy it at the health food store). It is a tea specially formulated for cancer. It's busy doing all of this but I feel great. I gained all my weight back with lots of organic food.

Keith - Lung cancer survivor
I spent about four months regaining my strength after the surgeries before commencing the Breuss treatment, preparing myself physically and mentally to journey back to good health.We were unable to purchase the bottled Breuss vegetable juice so my wife and I did the six week Breuss treatment together by juicing organic vegetables according to Rudolf Breuss’ recipe. Other than this I used no other form of therapy or medication except some natural Chinese medicine.Ten years later as I turn 76 years old, I am cancer free, still strong and healthy.Every since my diagnosis, every year I continue to do a three week version of the Breuss treatment to detoxify my body. I take two or three weeks to prepare myself before I begin the treatment and then my wife and I go away for the three weeks and spend time walking on the beach, listening to music, reading books and just balancing ourselves while our bodies detoxify.

Carrot Juice:

Carrots are rich in beta carotene and other nourishing minerals. These are two testimonials that share how carrot juice was instrumental in regaining good health:

Anne – Cancer and carrot juice
I believe from personal experience that carrots can cure cancer–and rapidly, without chemotherapy, radiation, or other dietary changes. I think carrots are worth a try for nearly everyone diagnosed with cancer, because the results show up very fast.

Doris – Cancer survivor thanks to carrot juice
Despite a terminal breast cancer diagnosis at age 37, Doris Sokosh of New Canaan has spent the last 37 years cancer-free. She said her adherence to the all-natural diet and detoxification techniques endorsed by the Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy helped turn her death forecast into a survivor story.


As you can see from these reviews, a quality organic bottled juice can offer health benefits and aid in improved energy vitality and even specific health conditions.



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