Sesame Seeds: One of the oldest beauty treatments on earth.

It is said that Babylonian women used to eat halva as part of their beauty regime. Halva is made of honey and tahini, and tahini is a butter made from ground sesame seeds.  Certainly they were on to a good thing. These mineral and oil rich tiny seeds have many beauty applications that women from around the world can still benefit from today.


Skin Detox

Sesame seeds are known to have powerful antioxidant properties. Sesame seed oil can be used to help detoxify the skin. Apply the oil to the skin before taking a hot bath or shower. The molecules in the oil draw toxins out of the skin which can then be washed away using hot water and a body scrub. Similarly combine sesame oil with apple cider vinegar and warm water and use as a cleanser and toner for your face.


Healing balm

Sesame seeds contain properties that are natural anti-inflammatory agents which can help treat and heal certain skin irritations and infections. Sesame seed oil can be used to help heal skin abrasions and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. 


Skin protection

Sesame seed oil has also proven to be very effective in helping prevent and treat sunburn. Some studies have shown that regular use of sesame seed oil can help reduce the risk of skin cancer. If you spend a lot of time in the sun or swimming, sesame seed oil can help protect your skin from the harmful effects of chlorine in swimming pools. It can also protect against skin pigmentation and wrinkles.


Foot health

If you wear sandals, you will often get dry cracked heels in summer time. Simply massaging sesame seed oil into your heels at night before going to bed can help them heal and soften again. As mentioned earlier sesame seed oil is also used for treating athlete’s foot.


Hair health

Eating sesame seeds can help promote healthy hair growth by providing some of the essential vitamins, minerals and oils your body needs. Sesame seed oil can also be used to stimulate hair growth by massaging it into the scalp. The oil can also be used as deep conditioning treatment and is particularly effective in treating damaged dry hair with split ends. Sesame seed oil promotes not only health vibrant hair but also ensures you have a healthy scalp.