General Juice Fasting Program

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Fasting – Purifying your Body and Mind Fasting with Natureland juices is neither hunger nor deficiency. Fasting simply is about taking a break from heavy solid foods and giving your body an opportunity for rest, purification, rebuilding and recovery. So, fasting is an opportunity to allow your body to restore its natural balance by allowing it rest. As you fast, your body will change its metabolic state to revert to 'inner supplies' within the first days and will draw energy and heat from within. Grant yourself a time of relaxation. You will feel your mind to calm down as well, relieving stress and negative feelings. The juices provide you essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals in an easy to digest liquid form. This allows your body to still rest. The metabolic change tends to be gentler and makes juice fasting a good choice for a first time experience.

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