Liver Cleanse Fasting Package - with Cranberry Juice

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Dear Customer, your purchase of this kit which includes food items, and educational material is at your own risk. Natureland makes no health claims regarding your choice to follow this program. The translated materials provided are provided on an educational basis only. The kit is not intended to cure anything. The Ministry of Health has not studied anything in this package, and it is sold as food and not with any health claims. You will be required to sign a sheet upon receipt of this package acknowledging this. 
Liver Cleanse Kit with Cranberry Juice: 
- 9 x 330mL Natureland organic cranberry juice 
- 1 x 750mL Natureland Demeter organic Orange Juice 
- 1 x 250mL bottle of Spanish olive oil 
- 1 x 500g bag of Natureland organic lemons 
- 4 x 15mL zip lock packs of Epsom salts 
- 1 measuring cup 
- 1 28cm white plastic strainer 
- 1 instruction booklet

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