Natureland Aloe Vera Juice 330ml

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- Detoxifies the body

- Delays the signs of aging

- Boosts immunity

- Helps protect against diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and digestive disorders

- Relieves inflammation and colitis pain

This Aloe Vera juice is a pure juice derived from the aloe vera plant. 
The plant is said to have more than 200 active ingredients including minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium and rich deposits of vitamin B, A, C & E. 
Aloe Vera juice is powerful antioxidant and helps reduce inflammation and prevent bacterial infection. 
As a Natureland Super Juice, this product exclusively contains organic grown and harvested aloe vera. The product is juiced and bottled from our German partner, and under highest quality standards, making it even better than common organic juices. 

One of nature’s true health secrets can be found in Aloe Vera juice. It is rich in anti-oxidants, nutrients and minerals and has a powerful immune boosting effect of the body. Natureland’s Aloe Vera juice is 100% pure organic aloe Vera with no additives or preservatives. The following reviews are given on an equivalent product, but not on the Natureland juice. We are looking forward to get your review!

I have been purchasing Aloe Vera juice for the past three months for my husband who was suffering from ulcers. He has since been pain free and has it on a regular basis to avoid acid reflex. Great product. I highly recommend it. 

Aloe Vera juice is great. Using this juice has allowed me to discontinue most of my medications. I would recommend this juice to all. Just make sure it does not interact with any drugs you are taking. 

I was recommend Aloe Vera juice by an Ayurveda practitioner to help with my sleep and anxiety that was leading to hives and it has been wonderful. 

I drink it daily and it helps keep my skin clear and also keeps me regular.

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