Natureland Apple Cranberry Juice 750ml

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Natureland apple and cranberry juice is a combination of biodynamic organically grown apples, fresh cranberries and lingonberries. All fruits are organically grown, picked when sun ripened, then cold pressed and flash pasteurized for 15 seconds to retain the delicious sweet flavor and maximum nutrition. In comparison: regular organic juices are pasteurized up to four times. This Maleic Acid Duo helps improve oral health and boost immunity. Apple cranberry juice is delicious tasting and has the added benefit of containing immune boosting ingredients. Cranberries have shown to have strong disease fighting properties, helping cleanse the kidneys, liver and arteries and preventing harmful bacteria from attaching itself in the digestive gut. This delicious juice can be enjoyed regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Categories : Fruit Juices, Fruit Juices, View All
  • Net Weight : 750 g
  • Organic Certified : Yes
  • Ingredients : Apple Juice*, cranberry juice*, lingonberry juice*. *Certified organic
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