Natureland Beef Wieners 300g

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- Organic, grass-fed beef wiener sausages that contain no junk food ingredients

- Made from high quality meat using certified halal practices

- Precooked beef wieners that can be easily grilled, boiled, fried or steamed

- Keep frozen and use within 8 days once thawed

Hotdogs have long been thought of as junk food, containing undesired or even harmful ingredients. But with these beef wieners, made from grass-fed, organic beef that comes from a family farm in Germany, that’s no longer the case. These beef wieners are made with only organic certified, premium quality beef that comes from the shoulder, leg, neck or breast of well-cared for animals. They have a creamy texture and are already pre-cooked, so preparing them is easy. Simply grill, steam, boil or fry them and they’re ready to be added to any of your favourite dishes. For storage it is best to keep them frozen at a temperature of -18 degrees until ready to defrost and cook. Once the beef wieners have been thawed, store them in a fridge and use within 8 days.

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