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In order to offer the best quality of black seed oil, we extracted it using the OmegaFresh® process which multiplies vitamins in the oil to better protect it and keep it fresh.

Black Seed Oil:


A time proven powerhouse for ‘everything except but death’

The documented usage of black seeds and their rich oil dates as far back as the ancient pharaoh Tutankhamun in whose tomb black seeds are said to have been found. The famous Greek physician Hippocrates prescribed them to his patients, and it is believed that ancient Assyrians used them for beauty treatments. What humans learned by experience since millennia was also confirmed by revelation through an authentic teaching of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him):

Narrated from Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) that he heard the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) say concerning the black seed: “In it there is healing for every disease except death.”

Al-Bukhari (5688) and Muslim (2215)

Ever since, the usage of black seeds for health and beauty became deeply rooted in Middle Eastern cultures. Since the growing interest in alternative medicine and healthy diets, modern nutrition scientists have also set their eyes on the potential of these tiny seeds. With hundreds of scientific studies, the following potential health benefits and applications are well reported:


Potential Benefits & Applications

- Metabolic Health: An experiment on patients with metabolic syndrome proved the effectiveness of black seed oil in decreasing fasting blood sugar (FBS), LDL, and total cholesterol. 

- Body Weight Control: Other studies showed that N. Sativa oil reduced body mass index (BMI), waist and hip circumference and body fat percentage compared to placebo groups.

- Liver Protection: While playing a major role in protecting our body from toxins, our liver takes damage from the various substances it has to deal with. A healthy liver is key to our overall well-being, and improving your liver health is often associated with a potential improvement of a wide array of symptoms. Studies have shown that TQ in black seed lowers the scores of liver injuries including necrosis and toxicity.

- Antihistamine effects: Supported by a long list of studies, Black seed oil is used to control and balance allergic reactions.

- Cancer Treatment: Cancer research showed wide assent that black seed oil’s main active component ‘TQ’ has promising anti-cancer activity. Besides that, chemo-preventive or chemotherapeutic activity of TQ were proven in many studies. Thus, patients suffer less sever side effects while taking Black Seed Oil daily.

- Skin Care: Black seed oil is effective in relieving the severity of eczema when applied alone, and can be more effective if applied with eczema drugs. Furthermore, N. Sativa oil reduces the size of vitiligo lesions, and improves dermatitis herpetiformis in celiac patients, besides topical analgesic effects. When applying the oil to your skin as a beauty routine you may want to dilute it with a carrier oil like Natureland Virgin Coconut Oil or Natureland Toasted Argan Oil or by adding some drops to a lotion.

- Hair Care: There are studies indicating that the topical application of Black Seed Oil may increase hair growth and increase hair thickness in patience with specific scalp issues. You can add some drops of the oil to your shampoo or conditioner for a routine treatment of your hair and scalp. For a deep treatment, you may dilute it with either Natureland Virgin Coconut Oil or Natureland Olive Oil and massage into your hair and sculp. Wait half an hour before washing it out.

- Sperm Quality: A study found improved semen quality in men with fertility issues, after two months of 5ml daily dose of Black Seed Oil.

- Respiratory Health: Several studies show the potential benefits of Black Seed Oil for respiratory and sinus health. It is believed to help relieve congestion. You can add some drops of the raw oil to a vaporiser.

- Aromatherapy: Nigella Sativa oil is being used medicinally in aromatherapy to enhance the health of the body, and mind.


General Usage Directions

Due to its partially fragile components, black seed oil is not suitable for cooking or frying. Your best choice is to keep it raw and unheated. We suggest an oral intake of half a teaspoon twice a day, or use the equivalent amount as a tasty ingredient in salad dressings, on yoghurt or similar applications were the oil stays unheated. You may gradually test the effect of a larger dose; however, we strongly suggest you begin with a small dosage, and only gradually increase if necessary.


How to choose your Black Seed Oil

Ever since the amazing potential benefits of black seed oil become more known, the growing demand has been met by a wide number of suppliers. When searching your black seed oil, you may want to watch out for the following signs of quality:

Quality of Seeds:

- Nigella Sativa: Sometimes black seeds are confused with other plants seeds. Make sure the product is pressed from Nigella Sativa seeds.

- Organic: An organic certification guarantees the seeds are free from contamination of pesticides and herbicides that are usually used in commercial agriculture.

Quality of Process:

- Cold pressed and raw: The oil should be cold pressed and raw. Exposure to heat can destroy its valuable but fragile components.

- It should also not be processed or treated with any chemicals like hexane.

- OmegaFresh™: This process while proprietary, and used by Natureland, has led to an oil that is much more stable, and tastes much better.


The best way to avoid scams or oils of compromised quality may be by buying it from a company you trust to apply the above markers of quality. We at Natureland have more than 20 years of experience in providing you with healthy food choices of premium quality. For our Black Seed Oil, we sought a process that would protect the quality of the raw oil and all its natural potent components. While the details of our OmegaFresh™ process are confidential, simply comparing the smell and taste of our product should provide you the assurance of a superior product.


OmegaFresh™ – a process unique to Natureland

The OmegaFresh™ process is a very slow method which takes additional production days. We actually wash the seeds before pressing them and, for example, in our last production removed about 25 kilograms of impurities from 1000 kg of seeds. While this is a processing loss, it increases the purity and quality of our premium oil.

- As the name suggests, the method is targeted to preserve fragile components like omega fatty acids. While the natural Omega-3 content of black seeds seems to vanishes during normal cold pressing, our product contains 2.5% natural Omega-3 fatty acids – right from the seeds. Omega fatty acids are hardly detectable in any other black seed oils.

- The ORAC index represents the products oxygen reduction capacity which is a measure of antioxidant power. While normal raw cold pressed organic black seed oils score a value of 200 to 250, our oil reaches an amazing value of 800 ORAC.

- Our oil contains 1mg of vitamin c per ml, in the form of ascorbic-palmitate.

- The resultant colour of our oil is light, the aroma lovely, and the taste is very acceptable and nice.

Three main components behind many of the oil’s benefits

Researchers and doctors discovered plenty of active ingredients in black seed oil including alkaloids, saponins, sterols, B vitamins, minerals and omega-3 and omega-6 fats, but they believe that three main compounds are the reason why black seeds oil is potentially valuable:

Thymoquinone (TQ):

Studies and research have revealed that TQ is the prominent compound in black seed oil, it acts as a scavenger for both free radicals and superoxide radicals. This results in supporting liver health, body detoxification processes, and already normal inflammatory response. 

Thymohydroquinone (THQ):

For maintaining brain health and cognition function, THQ works as a potent and effective AChE inhibitor to support the activity of neurotransmitter acetylcholine.


One of the active compounds in thyme essential oil, thymol showed insect repellent activity. It was registered as a pesticide in 1994. Unlike some of essential oils, thymol, thyme, and thyme oil are listed as Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.


That's what people say after using Black Seed Oil:


- A man in the US wrote that his cholesterol has always been in the 300’s (mg/dL). After using about two bottles of black seed oil he went to his doctor to recheck his cholesterol stats, and it was 149 (mg/dL).


- One lady used black seed oil for her husband twice a day, because he couldn’t straighten his fingers out, and after two weeks of using black seed oil he can now straighten his left hand completely without pain, while his right hand is also beginning to straighten without pain.


- In one study the application of BSO to knees three times a day provided better relief than a control group that was given Tylenol three times a day.

- Studies have shown BSO to be more effective and safer than cortisone for eczema.

- A man ordered a whole case of black seed oil for his friends, when I asked “why?”, he explained he had urinary inconsistency and with one application of generous amounts of the oil on the skin closest to the prostate – three times – it solved his urinary inconsistency. So now he buys the product and gives it to his friends and family. 

  • What people said after using Black seed oil: 

Thousands of person reviews of the use black seed oil have been reviewed by us, and we found people reporting benefits like diabetes control, weight loss, back pain relief, insomnia, etc. etc. etc. This really seems to be a confirmation of the Prophetic teaching that the black seed is a remedy for every disease except death. Here are some of those reviews:

- “I’m only on my second bottle of this oil but I really feel it is the reason for a sudden reduction of stomach area fat… I’ve read too many good things about black seed oil to make it a regular part of my diet.”


- “I can truly tell a difference in my alertness, sleep, and energy levels since I started using this. It’s been three weeks now and I plan to continue using this indefinitely.”

- “I love it. I use a combination of black seed oil, manuka honey and Ceylon cinnamon and my recent blood tests have turned out amazing. My blood sugar went down 20 points to be normal and my kidney function went up 20 to be normal and all other categories came out normal.”


- “Best product I have ever used on my skin! I have suffered from acne for years, tried many products. This one works wonders. I use it to oil cleanse, take it orally at night and use few drops topically. On my second bottle and I will reorder!”

- “This product is amazing! It makes me sleep great! Wake up rested. I got it for my mum! I give it to her for her diabetes and high blood pressure. I take it to build my immune system.”


- “Great on my skin clearing up acne and marks. Been taking it daily and has improved my energy. Excited about long term results.”


- “I was having terrible back pains, received the oil on Friday the pain was gone Saturday around noon.” 


- A lady I spoke to told me she had a skin rash on her hands, and not doctor recommend treatment worked. She purchased many bottles of oils, and with the black seed oil she read that prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, said that it was a cure for all but death. She said, the messenger is true, so she tried it, and she said it was a miracle. The rash literally disappeared before her very own eyes.


- Myself, I have had back pain for years, and tried Yoga for a whole year, Visited Osteopaths more than 10 times, worked on strengthening back with personal trainers, and the benefit of one teaspoon of the Natureland oil was better than all of that. Honestly, there was a problem though. It made me very sleepy. So I will now start to take half a teaspoon twice a day, and keep adjusting my dosage until it does not cause me to be drowsy in the morning.

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