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Chia oil has a neutral flavor so it can be used in smoothies, and salads. Just keep in mind it is heat sensitive and should not be used for cooking. Refrigerate after opening. NOT FOR COOKING!

Chia Seeds originate in Central and South America where the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures valued and used them as an important food staple. ‘Chia’ in the Mayan language means ‘strength’, and these healthy seeds were even employed as a currency. Today they are gaining popularity for their rich content of protein, dietary fiber and many minerals. Chia Seeds are also rich in natural oils - most notably they are one of the foods with highest Omega 3 fatty acid content!


Health Benefits & Treating Medical Conditions

- Chia seed oil is anti-inflammatory, superior for diminishing joint pains in Rheumatoid arthritis and abdominal pain.

- Only one teaspoon daily, preferably early in the morning, gives you a good start in your Omega 3’s for the day, reducing symptoms of pain, heart problems and inflammation.

- A new study done in India, suggests the oil taken daily is very effective for treating the dry eye syndrome.

- Chia seed oil facilitates the building of new brain cells, improves mood, reduces inflammation and lowers risk of strokes, depression, and Alzheimer’s.

- The oil is great for cardiovascular health and heart protection.

- Chia Seed Oil lowers the risk of developing the Fatty Liver Disease.

- It also reduces the release of Ghrelin, a hormone which stimulates hunger. The oil can therefore be consumed to assist in weight control.

Nourishing for Skin & Hair

- You can actually use chia seed oil as a massage for dry skin, on cracked and itchy areas or on joints. It gets absorbed quickly and does not leave an oily residue. If you already have acne or oily skin use with caution and small amounts, as it may clog pores.

- Omega 3 fatty acids are known to protect skin from UV light, aid its healthy hydration and in general helps in reducing signs of aging.

- The oil can be used as a treatment for under-eye-sags.

- It is excellent for healthy and lush looking hair. Locally applied it nourishes the scalp, repairs split ends, gives your hair a natural shine and enhances hair growth.


How to Use Chia Seed Oil

With its mild, clean and nutty flavour, Chia Seed Oil is a tasty addition for salad dressings - or even for pure consumption for medical purposes. It is not suitable for cooking, frying or baking as it is heat sensitive. As described above, the oil can be locally applied to skin, scalp and hair. To maximise the potential health benefits, we recommend the consumption of pure, organic and cold pressed oil.


Negative Side Effects

Generally there are no reported health risks. Some people may show allergic reactions.

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