Natureland Chicken Bone Broth 400ml

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● Chicken bone broth is a light but rich flavoured broth that can be consumed on its own or added to your favourite recipes

● 100% organic bone broth without the worry of harmful ingredients

● Chicken bone broth provides an array of nutrients and is protein and mineral rich

● Many prefer chicken bone broth over beef due to the relative taste to chicken soup

We’re sure you’ve heard the hype around the benefits of consuming bone broth, and we’re happy to offer you our Chicken Bone Broth in Naturelands trusted premium organic quality! To recap, bone broth comes from boiling up and collecting the stock of nutrient rich animal parts - in this case chicken bones, skin, marrow and connective tissue. It is typically infused with vegetables, herbs and other nourishing ingredients while it is made. What you get in the end result is an array of wholesome nutrients such as amino acids, minerals and vitamins, collagen, gelatin, sulfate, glucosamine and sulfur. The broth is easy to include in your daily diet. You can either consume it on its own, with or between meals, or you can use it in any food as a stock, added to smoothies, in oatmeal or even in baked goods such as pancakes. The best thing about this bone broth is that it is 100% guaranteed organic, so there are no strange additives or undesirable ingredients to be cautious of. Chicken bone broth has a light taste when compared to most other broths. Some say chicken bone broth offers a more relatable taste as familiarity may come from having had chicken soup, and there is also evidence to suggest that chicken bone broth may have a higher protein content and more trace minerals due to the density of the chicken bones when compared to beef bones. Remember, that while chicken bone broth may be used as a stock or as extra liquid in your favourite recipes, it is not the same as regular stock cubes of bouillon.

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