Natureland Ginger Shot 60ml

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● Organic ginger shot in an easy-to-drink 60ml bottle

● Ginger juice is combined with lemon and apple juice plus acerola puree to increase the health benefits

● Health benefits of ginger include its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

● Ginger can ease digestive upset, reducing nausea, helping with bloating and easing stomach cramps

No additional sugar is added to this product and it is low in total calories

Ginger shots are becoming more popular among health enthusiasts, and with good reason! Known for its health benefits since ancient times, this modern preparation of ginger brings you the convenience in one easy to drink bottle. Containing a concentrated amount of ginger in the 60ml shot, you can expect to reap numerous health benefits from every bottle. The ginger is fresh and pure, coming from areas across the Peruvian Andes, while the additional apple and lemon juices contained in the shot, come from assorted locations in Europe. Every ingredient is organic certified - as you’d expect from Natureland. While normal ginger shots can be spicy and difficult to drink, the combination of juice and acerola puree provides this product with a pleasant, easy-to-drink taste. We’re sure you’ll consider drinking more than one! You can drink it as is or mix it into your favourite beverage, and is ideal for drinking every day.


Health benefits of ginger

Many health benefits have been associated with ginger. Studies show that it boasts powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help the body to reduce inflammation and curb cellular damage due to free radicals. Another common use for ginger is to reduce nausea and soothe other digestive upsets such as bloating and stomach pain. Other benefits of ginger, particularly when combined with the lemon juice and acerola puree, have been shown to improve immune responses, as these contain high amounts of vitamin C. It’s no wonder these ginger shots are particularly popular when it comes to the cooler months! Note that it is important to speak to your doctor about taking ginger if you’re on blood thinning medications; while the research is conflicting, there has been some evidence to suggest that ginger can further increase blood thinning when combined with this medication.

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