Natureland Lamb Bratwurst 300g

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- Lamb sausage authentic to Germany 

- A tasty lamb flavor that can be enjoyed in the same way as normal sausage

- Comes uncooked so preparation is needed

- Minimally processed organic ingredients prepared according to Islamic rites

Looking for something slightly different from your typical lamb meal? Look no further than our authentic German lamb bratwurst. Bratwurst in German simply means sausage, and we call them brats for short. And now these authentic German sausages are available to you with a great lamb flavor. These are not wieners! These are thick and juicy lamb sausages that are well-known and loved across the world. They come with a texture that is slightly heavier and more coarse than your typical American hot dog, but they are juicy and tasty all the same. All of the lamb used to make these brats is sourced from organic, pasture-raised lambs that are well cared-for while they live on a family run farm in Germany. The meat that is used to make the lamb bratwurst is organic and contains no undesired animal waste or products. We always trust simple ingredients: lamb and spices, that’s it. These lamb brats come uncooked, so knowing the preparation method is key: simply grill or pan sauteed them and enjoy your lamb bratwurst in the same ways as a normal sausage. Add a lamb bratwurst or two to any meal you desire, or eat it the authentic German way with sauerkraut and mustard on a bun.

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