Natureland Whole Rye Arabic Bread 170g

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Natureland Organic Whole Spelt Arabic Bread is made from freshly ground Natureland spelt berries. It offers the following unique properties:

  • Rye in traditional medicine is known to support muscle building and strengthen bone, hair and teeth.
  • Rye is considered a bitter, and believed to aid in weight loss.
  • Patients with serious wheat intolerence may find this bread to be an excellent alternative.
  • Spelt contains a type of gluten different than wheat.
  • Made from freshly ground organic grain.
  • As we grind the whole grain, you get a whole product which is a good source of dietary fiber.
  • Rye is low in gluten; however, it is not a gluten free food.
  • This bread is leavened using a slow wild fermentation (sourdough). This makes its nutrients more available.
  • This is a whole bread made from flour that was not sifted.
  • Made fresh for your order.
  • Due to the wild fermentation this product has a shelf life far greater than normal bread. It will get hard though.
  • Store it frozen for upto 3 months. Simple toast or heat in the oven for a fresh bread experience.




  • Sku : 5400104
  • Categories : View All, Bakery
  • Net Weight : 170 g
  • Organic Certified : Yes
  • Ingredients : Freshly ground wholegrain rye*, water, dates, sea salt. *Certified organic
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