Natureland Whole Spelt Arabic Bread 170g

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What is special about this bread?

  • Made of freshly ground grains.
  • Long fermentation for better digestability.
  • Wild fermentation again for better digestibility and flavor.
  • This is a wholegrain bread.
  • Made with Spelt which is low allergy, and suitable for most people allergic to wheat. Time tested for our customers with collitis.


This bread is baked fresh at Al-Raha bakery in Kuwait. It can be frozen to extend the shelf life upto 3 months. All you would then need to do is pop it in a toaster or the oven for a few minutes and enjoy a just-like-fresh baked bread.

This bread is great for people who are allergic to wheat. Many customers who are very allergic to wheat bread have found this to be a wonderful alternative. 

Why is Raha bread more easily digestible?

Because we use old world techniques where the bread develops slowly and without the use of commercial yeast.


Why does it have such a nice taste?

This goes back to our old world techniques of producing bread from the entire grain. Freshly ground grains naturally lead to more flavorful bread. We've also added dates, and sessame seeds.


Why is the nutrition value of Raha bread better?

  1. We only use whole organic grains from Natureland. These we grains contain all that Allah has placed within them. We have not sifted the fresh flour from these grains, or altered it in any way.
  2. At Raha Stone Mill we use RAHA fresh flour which makes a difference in flavor.
  3. We don’t cut corners in bread production. Our techniques lead to better digestion and flavor.
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  • Net Weight : 170 g
  • Organic Certified : Yes
  • Ingredients : Freshly ground wholegrain spelt*, water, dates, sea salt, whole rye*. *Certified organic.
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