Five Easy Flaxseed baking ideas

Flaxseed baking introduces a new way of incorporating more healthy fats and nutrition into foods that are often considered unhealthy. Some people have concerns though that the omega 3’s in flaxseed become unstable at high temperatures and are therefore not suitable for baking. This has been found to be true only for flaxseed oil. While flaxseed in whole or ground form have been found to retain their nutrients even when baked at 180 degrees centigrade. So now that you know it’s good for you، here are 5 easy flaxseed baking ideas:


Flaxseed bread

There are several variations of flaxseed bread from dense small loaves to crispy foccacia style breads. The bread is a good substitute for those following a low carb or gluten free diet. Recipes can be adapted according to your taste by adding in different herbs or spices. Here is a popular flaxseed bread recipe:


Flaxseed pizza

For many people finding a tasty alternative to wheat pizza is a challenge. It’s either gooey and tasteless or so crispy you’re likely to chip a tooth. This flaxseed pizza crust is simple and easy to make and tasty too. You can simplify the recipe and use just the ground flaxseed with eggs and salt for an even easier version. Make sure you press the crust thin if you like it crispy and bake for 10 minutes first before adding toppings.


Flaxseed waffles

While not gluten free this recipe provides a great way to boost the nutritional value of a favourite treat. Warm and crispy waffles can be enjoyed with fresh berries and cream. It’s great for those special family breakfasts.


Flaxseed muffins

Most muffin recipes can be adapted to incorporate flaxseed as a flour replacement. Banana or pumpkin muffins work especially well as the mashed vegetable / fruit provides both flavour and bulk for the muffin dough.


Flaxseed pancakes

If you soak flaxseeds for 10-15 minutes they form a gel like substance. This makes flaxseed the ideal ingredient، especially if you’re looking to make low carb، egg free pancakes. Add cinnamon and grated apple to the mixture and then drop spoonfuls into a hot pan. Flip over to brown on both sides and the result is a tasty flaxseed pancake that you can enjoy with plain yoghurt or cream. If you prefer a smoother texture you can use ground flaxseeds instead of whole.