Introducing the Natureland Breads

At Natureland we’ve perfected nutrition, flavor, and purity in a wide variety of whole ingredient organic foods. Now we’re bringing an amazing range of breads to our product catalogue, made with nutrient-rich Certified Organic whole grains, sourdough fermentation, absolutely no animal products, and handmade only from locally sourced (to our facilities) heirloom grain varieties and ingredients.


Introducing: Spelt, Sunflower Seed, High Protein, Rye, and Pumpernickel breads. Each is Certified Organic and chock-full of natural fiber, healthy plant proteins, low gluten, and an abundance of nutrients— and far more than conventionally milled flours and white breads!


Our mission is to create whole and replenishing health foods produced in harmony with the earth and nature, using sustainable and regenerative standards while giving back to the soil— not just taking away. These breads are just that: carefully formulated and baked with the health-conscious consumer in mind.


Each product contains whole ingredients and the optimal nutrients everyone should expect and deserve from artisan baked bread: natural fiber for regularity, sourdough fermentation for gut health, plant protein for energy, and whole, complete grains and other ingredients for the most nutrients possible.


Protein Bread

Perfect for vegans and vegetarians for a boost of protein in the diet, and completely free of animal products (no lactose and no egg). Extra of this macronutrient is all thanks to added whole wheat protein and is easily digestible, also in thanks to sourdough fermentation.


Our protein bread’s most special ingredient is lupin flour made from a bean-like legume, and that is also incredibly high in natural and healthy plant proteins (as well as soluble fiber). For those seeking healthier sources of protein compared to animal products, you’ll experience more fullness, satiety, and great energy from this delicious bread in either meals or as a snack.


All-natural apple fiber, whole rye, and wheat germ ingredients provide plenty of dietary fiber for curbing inflammation and promoting regularity. We also incorporate sunflower and flax seeds into our recipe for added trace minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, as well as healthy fatty acids.


This high protein bread is a delicious supplement for extra protein in the diet— and better yet, every ingredient (all the way down to the leavening yeast) is Certified Organic! No pesticides, no herbicides, no trace chemicals to be found in your food— and every single ingredient is locally and regionally sourced from near where it is made.


Pumpernickel Bread

Select whole grain, savory rye, and tangy sourdough grace this low-wheat pumpernickel, an excellent and healthy choice for those seeking low gluten in their diet. With help from sourdough fermentation, those with celiac may report less symptoms, inflammation, and other issues with this bread while being able to enjoy the hearty, earthy flavor of authentic artisan pumpernickel!


The delicious rye grains in this mix are kibbled, meaning they are coarsely ground first before preparation and baking. Ideal for both pumpernickel and sourdough breads, this also retains rye’s fiber and nutrients to ensure the highest fiber content possible— fiber being one of the best macronutrients for keeping down inflammation and reducing risk of diabetes and heart disease.


While rye is typically a high-gluten grain, our pumpernickel is made in sourdough form. During the preparation and kneading process probiotic bacteria help make all ingredients in the bread more digestible, and they are also shown to make gluten more tolerable and less symptom-causing in those with gluten intolerance or celiac.


Using only Certified Organic, locally sourced (to our facility), and heirloom grain ingredients, the artisan craftsmanship of this bread also ensures there are no trace chemicals in our grains. No herbicides, no pesticides, only total and pure health-boosting whole ingredients.


Rye Bread

Whole grain rye bread made from un-milled grain, retaining all its important essential nutrients— fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants— is infinitely healthier for you than most rye breads you’ll find at the grocery store.


For our rye bread, we kibble whole and complete rye grains to preserve all that nature intended for us, as only whole grain can help us achieve whole health. We also do one better: unlike all rye breads, our product is fermented as a sourdough during the kneading and mixing process. According to science, this unlocks vital nutrients and makes them far more bioavailable to the body (and thus much healthier many times over), and create a lot less inflammation in the gut of those who are sensitive to wheat and/or gluten.


We select only rye grains grown as heirloom varieties rather than hybrids, which have been bred over generations (if not millennia) for nourishment and flavor rather than fast growth, ideal shipping traits, and long shelf life. To cut down on environmental impact our grains are always locally grown and sourced (never shipped over long distances to our facilities), supportive of small farmers and sustainable earth-focused producers, and are Certified Organic: no chance of pesticide, herbicide, or other chemical residues— only whole health, amazing flavor, and purity in every bite.


Spelt Bread

Most supermarket store shelves are stocked with delicious yet nutrient-lacking breads. Made from conventionally milled flours that separate germ and bran from the final product, they’re in the end devoid of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber that would make them healthfully abundant foods in the first place— which is precisely what our Spelt Bread is!


Handmade and artisan baked, this lovingly crafted bread includes kibbled spelt (rather than milled spelt) which keeps all parts of the healthy grain intact: endosperm, bran, and germ, along with whole kibbled rye and whole spelt flour. This ensures that a bounty of nutrients that all too often get processed out of most supermarket breads are kept, including B vitamins (like folate), magnesium, whole fiber, calcium, and so much more.


Thankfully also in part to the way it is grown, our Spelt Bread grain ingredients (including the spelt itself) are only carefully chosen heirloom varieties which have been used for hundreds of years for nutrition and flavor, not shelf-life characteristics. All ingredients are also Certified Organic and the dough goes through sourdough fermentation before baking, which is known to improve shelf-life, boost nutrient availability, and add anti-inflammatory effects on the gut.


Sunflower Seed Bread

Sweet, savory, hearty, and healthy— of all the new Natureland bread additions, our Sunflower Seed bread has the loveliest and most unique flavor and profile. First, we start with kibbled rye and sourdough fermentation, which incorporates whole grains together for optimal nutrients and bioavailability (thanks to sourdough’s probiotic bacteria).


Delicious sunflower seeds are also added for a pinch of extra trace vitamins, minerals, fiber, and beneficial plant fatty acids (monounsaturated fats). For a hint of sweet flavor, we also add a touch of sugar beet syrup which really augments the earthy flavors of this delightful Sunflower Seed bread. Sea salt is also added for flavor and preservation.


The result is a sumptuous bread that can be enjoyed any way bread can be enjoyed— if not more so! And packed full of more nutrients, healthy fiber, and low-inflammation compared to the average supermarket bread.


Made with only Certified Organic ingredients, this ensures all parts are wholly and intentionally produced using principles that are in harmony with both the earth and a healthy body. To further bring this delicious bakery creation into balance with the environment, we also only source our ingredients from local or regional farms to our area.