Natureland launches new organic cleaning range

Natureland launches new organic cleaning range

Natural Clean – Natureland launches new natural household cleaning range


At Natureland we believe our Creator has created for us all that we need in order to live a healthy life. This includes natural, healthy and safe ways to keep our homes clean and hygienic.


For thousands of years, civilizations sourced plants and naturally occurring chemicals to create homemade soaps and cleaners. It is only in the last few decades that industry has sought out chemical alternatives. We are sold on how these chemicals are so much more effective at killing germs and bacteria, but no-one tells us of the possible side effects of being exposed to these harsh household cleaning chemicals.


There is increasing evidence that chemicals in household cleaners greatly add to the toxic load we are exposed to on a daily basis.


Therefore, Natureland has developed a range of cleaning products that contain organic and all natural ingredients. Natureland’s cleaning range is guaranteed 100% free of petrochemicals, halogens, volatile organic compounds (except vegetable ethanol), synthetic fragrances and colourants, fillers, nan-technology and GMO’s. Every product is cruelty free, vegan and allergy friendly. All fragrances come from natural oils to provide gentle fresh aromas to help to control odours. 


Laundry Detergent

Every 750ml bottle with a screw on lid that doubles as a dosing cap provides 11 washes. Natureland’s laundry detergent comes with two product options to best suit your individual needs: one that deeply cleans and protects colors and fibers in all types of textiles, and one that has been further developed to preserve the richness of black fabrics. All ingredients are of natural origin and are deemed safe to use for both you and the environment.  


Laundry perfume

For a wonderful fresh scent of verbena, use Natureland’s laundry perfume. Made from all natural ingredients, this is a great way to add a subtle yet delightful scent to your clean laundry. Simply add it to your fabric softener compartment and allow it to do its work. Remember not to use it for membrane textiles. 


Fabric Softener

Natureland’s fabric softener will leave your laundry wonderfully fresh and soft and is available in a luxurious lavender scent. It contains 99% natural ingredients and you can use the fabric softener on normal as well as delicate fabrics. Follow the recommended dosage on the bottle to reach your desired fabric softness. 


All purpose cleaner 

For use on all waterproof surfaces, here is a powerful yet gentle household cleaner. Can be used on tiles, floors and even varnished areas. Add 1 tablespoon to 5L of water for larger cleaning tasks. Be sure to use the right amount as it is a highly concentrated and effective product. 


Dish Liquid

Choose from a natural lemongrass or wild rose scent, Natureland dish liquid for manual dishwashing keeps your dishes sparkling clean and streak-free. Just one squirt is sufficient to wash a whole sink full of dishes and is safe yet effective to use even on heavily soiled pots, pans and other items that are tough to clean. Simply increase your dose in small increments according to the soiling of the dishes. Bonus tip: use Natureland’s dish liquid on oil or fat stains on your laundry. Simply wet the spot, add a small amount of dish liquid, rub gently then rinse. Follow with the laundry's typical wash cycle thereafter. 


Toilet Cleaner

Natureland’s toilet cleaner is effective in keeping your toilet clean and hygienic. Available in a fresh peppermint or lemon scent, this cleaner is all you need to keep your toilet clean and deodorized. Made from ingredients guaranteed to be of natural origin, here you have a safe and effective, eco-friendly solution to toilet stains, germs and marks. Squirt directly under the rim using the convenient nozzle and allow to work for several minutes before you brush and flush. If needed, allow the product to work overnight before brushing and flushing the next day. 


Bathroom Cleaner

Keep your bathroom clean and smelling fresh with a peppermint bathroom cleaner. Reliably removes limescale and dirt across all surfaces of the bathroom, and can be used on faucets, baths and showers, sinks, tiles, toilets and floors. Even stubborn limescale is no match for these powerful natural ingredients. For tougher stains, soak a cloth in the solution and allow it to remain in contact with for several minutes before wiping clean. Do not use the product on surfaces that are made of marble, limestone or not acid resistant materials. Always test the product on a small discreet area first. 


Heavy Duty Cleaner

For more muscle in the cleaning department, use Natureland’s heavy duty cleaner. With ingredients from natural origin, you can clean stains across the entire surface of your home. Natureland’s heavy duty cleaner can either be used as a diluted solution for greater surface area cleaning, or undiluted for smaller more concentrated cleaning tasks. In its undiluted form, it can be used to remove chewing gum and stains of color, stains of ink and ball-point pens, grease and fat stains, resins, glues, paint, nail polish and many other stains. It is also acceptable and safe to use on all colourfast textiles. 


Glass cleaner

For a streak-free shine, every time, use Natureland’s glass cleaner. Made from ingredients of natural origin, it’s a safe yet effective way to keep multiple surfaces clean and streak-free. Spray directly on glossy surfaces such as mirrors, plastic surfaces, windows, glass tables, TV (not plasma screens) and computer monitors, painted furniture and car windows. May also be used to remove dirt, dust and fingerprints across multiple waterproof surfaces.


Baby Utensil Cleaner 

Nothing worries a mom more than providing her baby with safe products. Here’s something that will take the worry out of cleaning all food serving items, bottles, dummies and even toys and accessories. Made from only natural ingredients, Natureland’s Baby Utensil Cleaner removes stubborn milk, juice and food residues. Use a small amount for a highly effective yet gentle cleaners that’s not only safe for baby but for the environment, too. Guaranteed to contain no perfumes, colourings or pigments.


Cleaning Vinegar

Clean, descale and deodorize with Natureland’s natural cleaning vinegar. Available in apple, raspberry and lemon scent here you have a way to freshen while you clean. Vinegar is a well-known antimicrobial agent, so you can get rid of common household germs at the same time. Spray liberally over the areas needing to be cleaned, then wipe away with a clean damp cloth or sponge. For more heavily soiled areas allow the product to remain in contact with the surface for several minutes. Safe to use on tables, mirrors, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, fridges, door handles, windows, toys, and some fabrics. Do not use in conjunction with any other chemical cleaning products, do not heat or use on heated objects, and it is not to be used as a food ingredient. 

Natureland’s cleaning range is designed for effective cleaning in the home using organic ingredients so that you and your family are not exposed to harmful chemicals. It is possible to have a home that is hygienic and clean without having to use harsh chemicals. Try the new range today for a naturally fresh and organically clean home.

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