Natureland Spices - Delicious cooking is fun

Here they are. Packet in handy and protective small, dark glass jars, our brand new spice collection meets the upmost standarts of organic food. Here are some insights:


1. ORGANIC: Natureland spices are grown in organic soil, without chemical pesticides or fertilizers; and are not irradiated. They conform to EU organic regulation. Code of certifying body and country of agriculture is on every jar.

2. CLEAN: Natureland spices are selected by our German partners who specialize in the field of spices for nearly a century. When spices arrive at the company they are checked carefully for insects, excrement, hard pieces of wood, metal, or other inorganic material or microbial contamination. Statistically significant samples from each and every shipment are sent to a specialized food laboratory to check for microorganisms, aflatoxin, heavy metals, pesticide content, and illegal dies often found in chiles, for example. Only shipments passing all these tests become Natureland spices.

3. PREMIUM: Natureland spices are sourced by spice industry experts who since the 1920’s have focused on nothing but spices. You can experience this spice know-how by simply opening a jar of our aromatic oregano, or tasting our spicy paprika. They have won a prestigious taste award in Germany.

4. COLD GROUND: Commercial grinding of spices causes them to reach temperatures of 90°C. This causes 15 to 43% of the essential oils and other heat sensitive constituents to boil away. Many spice companies buy ground spices that may have lost their aroma in transport or from heat damage. Natureland spices shine in this regard. Our spices arrive whole, and are ground in small batches. The spice mill is custom designed with German technology and computer control to constantly keep spices cold during grinding. Naturealnd spices enter and leave the grinding chamber at nearly the same temperature.

5. AIRTIGHT DARK GLASS: Natureland flavorful and aromatic spices are best protected from light with thick dark glass jars that are tightly sealed. They are small so that you always have fresher spices.

6. FUN: Natureland Spices have clean waterproof labels with the name of the spice in clear Arabic and English. Cooking is easier and fun. No more shuffling and sniffing to find spices.

7. DELIVERED: New jars are a one-click away at