Three tasty herb and spice combinations

Mint goes well with lamb, as does rosemary, but few people might add them to the same dish. If you have a tendency for being creative in the kitchen then creating different combinations with herbs and spices can open a whole realm of possible new recipes for you to create. Chef’s do it all the time, experimenting with different flavours that may not at first seem like the obvious choice, but in the end creating amazing new culinary experiences for the rest of us to enjoy. Well the good news is that you can too, and to get you started here are few tried and tested spice combinations:


Coriander and Ginger
As a staple for many Far Eastern dishes, coriander and ginger make a wonderfully complementary combination. You can use freshly crushed ginger if you want a more pungent flavour or dried ground ginger for a milder flavour. Coriander and ginger can be combined with other ingredients such as sesame seed oil, rice vinegar or soya sauce. If cooking fish a combination of sesame seeds and rice vinegar works very well, especially if you drizzle some flavourful sesame seed oil over the fish just before serving. To make a chicken dish you can combine the coriander and ginger with some coarse salt and olive oil. The spice combination also works well with steak and depending on personal taste you can add either soya sauce or balsalmic vinegar to create a marinade.


Cinnamon and Clove
These two spices can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes although my personal preference is baking. They are especially tasty for making apple or berry pies. The cinnamon provides the sweetness that compliments the fruit and the clove brings out the full flavour. Both of these herbs have health benefits in that they help to warm and cleanse the blood. You can add cinnamon and clove to a bowl of quinoa or oats for breakfast, or sprinkle over fresh fruit salad.


Mint and Thyme

While this is not an obvious combination, it works exceptionally well for lamb when combined with some garlic. The mint provides a rich fresh flavour and the thyme provides a more subtle aroma that helps to develop the flavour of the lamb. By marinating the meat in mint and thyme for a period of time before cooking will help draw in the flavour of the herbs. When roasting the meat it is best to do so on a low heat over several hours so that the herbs do not scorch.


Hopefully this has given you some ideas so that you too can start creating your own combinations. By selecting the best quality herbs you can ensure your cooking is rich with flavour.


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