Types of Natureland Honey

We, at Natureland, provide a wide selection of honey to include a variety of flavours and therapeutic benefits. The distinction between the types of honey depends largely on the habitat where the hives are located and the type of flowers that the bees feed on.

Spring Flower Honey
Deliciously sweet and mild, Spring Flower Honey has a delicate flavour and is an excellent alternative for sugar in baking. It is also delicious on pancakes or over breakfast muesli. Spring Flower Honey is affordable and ideal for everyday use. Our Spring Flower Honey producers recommend this honey for its calming effect. It is also ideal for beauty applications and helps to improve circulation.

Acacia Honey
Natureland Acacia Honey is incredibly delicious. With its rich full bodied taste it can be enjoyed with Natureland corn flakes and fresh goats milk. It is also suitable for making balaleet or sweetened rice. Acacia honey is delicious in tea as a sugar substitute and can be useful as a bowel regulator. It is antispasmodic and has a calming effect on the digestive system.

Rosemary Honey
With its distinctive rosemary herb fragrance this creamed honey is white in colour and has the texture of spreadable cream. It not only tastes delectable, Natureland Rosemary Honey producers indicate that it is also beneficial for poor digestion and hepatic insufficiency. In some cases Rosemary honey can also have a calming effect, helping with fatigue and depression.

Mountain Honey
Created from wild mountain flowers, Natureland Mountain Honey is a firm family favourite. It has a rich full flavour and is ideal as a general cleanser for the whole body. Mountain honey has strong antibacterial properties and can be used in home cough remedies and treatments for sore throats.

Lavender Honey
Natureland Lavender Honey is very smooth and mild. It is neither sharp nor acrid. When you eat it, you will feel it help to clear the respiratory system from your throat to your chest. We have heard that some Qur'an reciters in Kuwait particularly use it. Natureland Lavender Honey has a calming effect on the lungs and can help clear bronchial infections and flu.

Forest Honey
Natureland Forest Honey is a new product that has just arrived. The first shipment of this honey was from Europe sourced from the alpine forests. We are hoping that next shipments will come from Brazil, where honey is much more delicious. The producers of Forest honey recommend it particularly for smokers.

Honey is one of nature’s superfoods used for centuries by many nations for treating health ailments and promoting good health and beauty. Natureland honeys are raw and organic and sourced from different parts of the world to offer variety and delicious flavours. Enjoy your Natureland honey daily to help promote youthfulness and good health.


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