Vegetable juices information sheet

Natureland vegetable juices are a convenient way to enjoy good nutrition in a busy lifestyle. The vegetable juices are produced using traditional cold pressing methods which retain the full flavour and nutritional value of the vegetables. They are 100% pure juice, cold pressed and bottled immediately to ensure the nutrition of the vegetables is preserved.

The vegetables used in the juice are farmed and sourced according to fair trade and some of the juices carry the Biofair seal of approval. Vegetables used are grown from true-to-seed varieties and Demeter quality biodynamic farming methods are applied. True- to-seed varieties can self propagate and the seeds harvested one year can be sown the next. This is one of the most natural ways of farming. A great amount of care goes into the growing process, from the way the soil is enriched with natural composts to how the vegetables are harvested. The primary objective is to grow, select and use the vegetables with the richest nutritional values.


Uses and benefits of vegetable juices

Most often vegetable juices are consumed as part of a detoxifying or fasting process. Outside of this, vegetable juices can also be used to boost nutrition as part of a normal eating plan. This is especially true for people who have a very busy lifestyle, often eat on the go, but want to retain a healthy eating plan.

Consuming vegetable juice instead of whole vegetables invokes a different response from your digestive system. One of the benefits of eating whole vegetables is the amount of fibre they contain which can aid digestion. However, digesting fibre is hard work and can take up to 70% of your energy daily. Sometimes your system needs a bit of a rest from digesting fibre so that it can focus instead on cleansing and drawing out toxins from your system. For this purpose juice fasting is often recommended. In juice fasting you consume only liquids – fruit and vegetables juices, water, herbal teas and vegetable broth.


Juice fasting basics

Juice fasting can be used for different purposes which may include weight loss, skin purification, digestive health or as a supportive treatment for more serious conditions such as cancer. It is very important to approach juice fasting correctly. Before embarking on a juice fast ensure that you educate yourself on the different types and methods of fasting.

It is also good to know your body and have a good understanding of your personal health needs. Juice fasting should take place in a calm and controlled environment and should not be attempted in the midst of a very busy lifestyle or when you are extremely stressed. Also a short fasting period is recommended for your first fast as it can be quite an adjustment. The build up to a fast and breaking the fast are just as important as the actual fasting so that your body has time to adapt. If fasting is implemented intelligently for the right reasons in a controlled and nutritionally healthy way it can be very beneficial to your health.


Vegetables used in the juices and their health benefits:

Because vegetable juices are generally consumed for health reasons the selection of ingredients is very important. Certain ingredients have health benefits that can help boost the immune system and can aid in better health.

Artichoke leaf extract

Artichoke hearts are often served as a delicacy, yet it is the artichoke leaves that have been most widely used for medicinal benefits. The active ingredients in artichoke leaf extract are the flavanoids and the caffeoyliquinic acids which support digestive health and in particular weak liver function. These two systems have primary roles for the body in extracting nutrients and eliminating waste and toxins form the body. If either the digestive system or liver are not functioning properly it will impact a person’s health. Artichoke leaf extract has been widely used in both traditional and modern medicine to improve digestive health and liver function.


This dark red root vegetable is known by it’s rich dark red colour. This colour pigment betalin is a powerful antioxidant which has fungial, anti-inflammatory and a detoxifying effect on the body. Beetroot has a very strong nutritional profile and the leaves are as nutritional as the root. The leaves contain high levels of vitamin K, A and C as well as iron, magnesium, potassium, choline and magnesium. Beetroot contains betacyanin which has been shown t have a powerful antioxidant effect on the body. It is this mechanism that helps eliminate toxins from the body that is believed to make beetroot such an effect cancer preventative.


Carrots are very rich in vitamin A, B, C and E which help boost immunity and provide essential nutrients to the body. Beta Carotene is one of the active ingredients in carrots. In addition carrots add sweetness and taste to vegetable juices that can sometimes taste bland.


Celery is a nutrient rich plant containing vitamin C, B1, B2 and B6, as well as a host of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, folate and potassium. One of the reasons that celery is used as an ingredient for vegetable juice is that the active nutrients are released when juiced. Celery is often combined with other ingredients to treat specific conditions. These range from digestive health and high blood pressure issues to boosting the nervous system, kidney function, and as a supplementary treatment for certain types of cancer. Celery has shown to have a positive effect on reducing levels of LDL cholesterol.


Many people consider dandelion no more than a common weed, yet it is a very nutrient rich plant that is edible and provides health benefits. In traditional medicine dandelion has been used as a digestive aid, duretic and a blood tonic. It is believed that dandelion has a detoxing effect on the body and aid in treating inflammation.


Fermentation as a health benefit

Fermentation is a natural food process that has been used for centuries as a method of food production. Wine, cider, vinegar and beer are all produced through controlled fermentation. Fermented foods have more recently resurfaced as ways in which to improve digestive health. Yoghurt, kefir and sauerkraut are all examples of fermented foods. The bio-enzymes in fermented food help to feed and replenish gut flora that can be reduced through stress or poor nutrition.

Lacto-bacteria can be added to certain vegetable juices such as carrot and beetroot juice to increase their nutritional value. This healthy bacteria activates fermentation of the juice and help replenish active digestive bacteria in the gut.


Special Juices

Some juice combinations are created for a specific purpose – for use during fitness training or as a supplement when treating a specific condition. Two such juices available are the Fitness cocktail and Breuss juice.


Fitness Cocktail

The Fitness juice is a combination of tomato juice, beetroot juice, celery juice, artichoke juice, apple cider vinegar, (Brenneisselextract) and (Mohrensaft). It was created to help athletes in maintaining a healthy eating plan while training for fitness. The ingredients were selected for their anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. The combination is a juice that is rich in nutrition that helps to feed the muscles during exercise and aids in muscle recovery after exercise.

Breuss Juice

Breuss juice is based on the formula by Dr Breuss, who has had widespread success in treating serious health conditions such as cancer. While the juice is only part of the overall treatment plan, many people enjoy drinking it because it is not only tasty but also provides health benefits even if you are not sick. Breuss juice is a vegetable juice that consists of beetroot juice, carrot juice, celery juice, raw potato and radishes. It is rich is anti-oxidant properties and helps to boost and maintain the immune system.

Any one of these juice ingredients offers wonderful health benefits on their own. The growing selection and processing of the juice ingredients also has a great impact on the nutritional value that the juice contains. Cold pressing, flash pasteurisation and immediate bottling ensures that the nutritional value of the juice remains high through processing. The result is a range of juices that can provide convenience for busy modern families yet still benefit from the nutritional goodness.


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