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Natureland's Recycling Initiative: Working Together for a Cleaner Future. One major way to reduce our impact on our planet is recycling. Without recycling, households and businesses can generate large amounts of waste. The desperation to be rid of this quickly may lead to unethical disposal in public areas. Natureland wants to do what is right. We want to help you reduce the amount of waste you produce. For our customers in Kuwait, you can sign-up here to receive recycling services from 'Recycle Kuwait' for one year. Recycle Kuwait will pick-up your recyclables including plastic, glass containers, and paper from your home. Writer uses this service at his home, and has found Recycle Kuwait to be very reliable and always reachable. In other countries of the world prepaid deposits, government regulations, and taxes support recycling companies to pick-up your recyclables. We have seen companies that pick-up for free; however, their service did not continue, and they were unreliable. Natureland receives no part of your payment which is all sent to Recycle Kuwait to compensate their expenses. We are happy and willing to help spread the word about this wonderful service.

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